General Information

Public Access will be free of charge! 

Team Area is accessible for everyone (riders, staff, spectators). No accreditation is needed to enter the team area.

National teams will get preferred places. Please bring your own tent. We don't offer to rent team tents. Reservations (only National Teams) can be done by E-Mail to:

Credit cards will not be accepted for rider entry fee, accommodation or catering.

Welcome centre is situated at the entrance of the race site. Team Manager meeting and Official meeting will be held at the Welcome centre.

Number plates and side plates: Every rider has to bring his own front and side plate (national number). Riders with career numbers must use their career number. No other rider in championship classes is entitled to use an assigned career number.

Mylaps transponders are mandatory. All riders must have an active transponder Mylaps ProChip Flex. Transponders must be mounted on their bike (fork) before entering practice. Please make sure while practice, that the transponder is recognised by the time keeping system. Alternatively, transponders can be rented for 10 euros per rider per day and need to be returned after the race. You have to leave a deposit of 40 euros or your drivers licence. You will get the deposit back after returning the transponder.

Toilets and trash containers are available at several locations. Please use them and keep the area clean!TeamsThe team area is situated next to the track. Please bring your own tents. Again, there are no tents which can be rent from the Organisation.

Only National teams will get preferred spaces, whereby reservation by e-Mail to is required.

There will be a catering, where you can buy Pasta, Meat and drinks.Medical InformationA team of paramedics will be present throughout practice. During the races a team of paramedics and an Ambulance will be present.

Hospital nominated Kantonsspital Frauenfeld, Pfaffenholzstrasse 4, 8500 Frauenfeld

Covid-19 To be updated as per government regulations - no restrictions now.